Our wide range includes seating solutions for all budgets, uses and tasks. All of which are backed by comprehensive guarantees and a production resource dedicated to engineering excellence and value. Every seat is beautifully designed with quality as standard and health and safety in mind.

Benefit from a ready-to-go stock range available for next day delivery to a location of your choice. We also offer a dropship service where small orders of our pre-manufactured stock can be delivered to your office or direct to a home address.


Every chair in our posture range has multiple functionalities. This allows users to set the chair up for the ideal sitting experience depending on height, weight, build and usage. Posture seating is an investment in efficiency, comfort and good health.

Our task & operator chairs fulfil a variety of functions and styles to suit all budgets. Crucially, this range ensures that users have comfort and the right performance to help them achieve what they need to.

From mid-managers through to top executives, the tasks performed are varied and demanding. We have a range of stylish, comfortable seating designed to support the user perfectly and offer a variety of functions for achieving optimum performance.

We come in all shapes and sizes, so why should we compromise on style and satisfaction? Our heavy duty range caters for users weighing up to 32 stone: allowing the whole office to sit comfortably no matter their individual needs.

To support the needs of those working from home, our range includes a wide selection of seating products that are idea for home use and cover all requirements and budgets, including posture, executive, task and operator seating.

Our soft seating range is designed to tear down the barriers sometimes created by traditional desk/visitor locations and instead fosters a more collaborative environment where creativity and solutions-based debates are achieved.

Create efficient and constructive meeting spaces that promote collaborative thinking, effective discussions and negotiations, with the help of our visitor and conference seating.

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